GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details


by Christophe

NO-HARM is a simple concept of armchairs. The “Obi Bow” design element is the key to lock all parts into place.

Would you choose straight lines and angular shapes with edges and layers to illustrate the concept, or a more fluid composition tailored around the same principle of connections?

Both are equally comfortable armchairs.
Take a seat!

SIX DEGREES reflects geometry.
WORLD CLUB has curve appeal.

Each is made of seven pieces, all cut from the same sheet of 1” Appleply.
NO-HARM can be repeatedly manufactured, assembled, and disassembled with ease. Both design assume the use of a ½” diameter router bit - this detail is noticeable in the inside corner cutouts. All AutoCAD 3D files are available for the manufacturing of the chairs.