GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details


by Christophe

The need is imperative, all around the world, to discuss, define and implement a more responsible forestry. This entry proposes a table we could gather around.

It is a round table for the universal geometric properties of the circle. The top surface, reveals the beauty of the wood, and also details the constitution of the material. It is a sturdy table built to withstand any local pressure, organized torsion, or global uproar.

The tripod base prevents shaky settlement. The precisely shaped vertical legs support the gravity of the situation, connect and secure the top to its base, provide comfort for all. The slanted cross-pieces are actually key to the principle - they lock all parts together and rigidify the base while taming the natural torque of the upper assembly.

TOUR DE TABLE is made of seven pieces, all cut from the same sheet of 1” Appleply. It can be repeatedly manufactured, assembled, and disassembled with ease. This design assumes the use of a ½” diameter router bit - this detail is noticeable in the inside corner cutouts. All AutoCAD 3D files are available for the manufacturing of the table.