GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Oval table with sliding seats.

by ABuonomo

This simple oval table has a seat incorporated into the long ends of the table. The seats are set into tracks carved into the table's legs, allowing the user to easily adjust the seat's position.
When the seat is up, it is a solid part of the table: the wood grain matches, the two surfaces are at the same height as well as being flush. Due to the design of the track, the weight of the seat is used to help keep the seat up and in place. When the seat is lowered, the length of the table and the brace between the table's legs give it the support it needs.
Because the seat can be lowered, the table can serve multiple purposes. By eliminating the need for extra chairs, the design works well in studio apartments and other places where space is limited. By being able to change from being an intimate setting for two, to a generous workspace for one, to a comfortable dining table for four or more, this table can be used anywhere.