GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Tree Pot Tree

by Floyd Cline II

The Tree Pot Tree is a structure designed to respect the tree, to honor the tree, to nurture the tree, and to showcase the tree. The design resembles a tree in its form and structure and can replace a tree or nurture it as it grows. Imagine a garden with the Tree Pot Tree as a sculptural element while at the same time serving the purpose of nurturing a young tree as it grows from the ground up from within. The branches of the Tree Pot Tree help funnel water to the young tree within while the the cross members help support it as it takes root and grows upward. It offers protection from predators while still allowing light and air. As the tree grows and sprouts above the Tree Pot Tree, they compliment one another as the nuturer and the nurtured. Life given by death on a tree....At the appropriate time the Tree will stand on it's own and the Tree Pot Tree can go on to nurture another.