GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

breakplane dining table

by kem3d

A dining table made from CNC cut and tension bent plywood. The beauty of this design is that it capitalizes on one of the lesser utilized but very unique properties of wood, its inherent "give". Wood is a natural material with much aesthetic beauty in its grain structure, but that same grain structure carries with it much structural beauty as well. This design intends to capitalize on the beautiful resiliancey of wood by making the pieces interact in such a way that the internal tension of the material locks the individual pieces together to create a stronger whole, without glue or fasteners. To make the most of the 4x8 full sheet, an accessory vase was created to be a complimentary center piece and the "waste" piece was also designed to have an abstract quality that would play well as a wall hanging.