GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Still life

by Valeria Bianco

Still life is a functional sculpture that serves as a stool. It takes its inspiration directly from its material source: Trees. The frontal view is embossed with a beautiful pattern of branches. Its goal is to create an object that raises awareness of the FSC. Still life seeks a unique approach to re-create our connection to trees. The material used is a plywood sheet of 1” thickness, this thickness is used as a surface for the design, using 10 panels; each panel has a specific embossed profile on one side. A silhouette of a tree appears only when the stool is fully assembled by the user, symbolizing the act of ‘bringing, and building’ the tree back home. The face of the wood is left untouched to reveal the natural beauty of the wood.

Other versions of “Still Life” are possible. Different tree silhouettes can be used to identify the type’s wood. A collect of “Still life’s” will enable you to depict a whole forest.

The stool is made of 10 panels plus 4 connecting bars, each panel is spaced out from each other by .5 inches. The inner panels are cut to a ‘U’ shape to assure lightness and to consume less material. All panels are cut using CNC routing manufacturing of a single sheet of 4 feet x 5 feet – 8 inches. The stool can easily be assembled and disassembled and no additional tools are required.