GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details


by Qianhong Cai

The idea for this project is to create furniture that minimize the material waste and furniture assembly without using secondary fastener or glue. With one 4’x8’ sheet of plywood, it is enough to make three side tables and two chairs. The table and the chair were made using basic 3-axies CNC machine. Everything is flat pack for the user to easily install it at home. Both the table and chair are friction fit and are locked into place with little tapper pegs on the four corners. This design is to combining the tradition and modern elements by using traditional Japanese woodworking joinery and modern technology of production. For the chair, the back rest panel is the cut out of the chair’s front leg. For the pegs, I put them in that negative space in the back rest panel. The side table is the same height as the chair so that the side table can also act as a stool.
The graph is 1:1 scale for the chair and table’s pattern. The rectangle graph is 1:1 scale to the plywood. Therefore, when making these tables and chairs, that will be the layout of the pattern on an actual 4’x8’ plywood.