GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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Seattle Round

by Giulia Cinarelli

Seattle Round is a series of four assembling stools: Tom Tom, Bass Drum, Floor Tom and Snare Drum.
The inspiration that led me to the creation of these elements comes from the idea of percussion and drums: a wooden instrument, very ancient, fundamental, simple and complex at the same time. The basic shape of the toms and drums is a circle, for this reason it was crucial to solve the problem of the left-out material, to waste as less wood as possible: this difficulty has been overcome by cutting the shape of the stools' legs around their circumferences, like in a jigsaw puzzle.
Just like in a music track, in which sounds mix and melt, in Seattle Round to interlock the pieces is necessary to create elaborated objects that keep their simple lines, exalting the beauty of the wood of which they are made.
The fact of being without frills and the use of a raw natural material suggested me the idea of the name. I took inspiration from the definition Seattle Sound, best known as grunge, a rock music movement, which was more focused on the immediacy and the strength of music and lyrics, rather than on technical and formal precision.