GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Single Panel 2, Bookcase

by D. E. Sellers

Single Panel 2 Bookcase Design Concept: Build a bookcase the uses the same if not less material than a shelf. Designed for books, real books that vary in size and proportion using the structure in numerous ways to achieve design success and consistency. The larger lower shelves house large art and architecture books. The middle shelves contain textbook proportion manuals and periodicals, and the top shelf is sized for novels.

The SP2 is created from a single panel of 4’x8’ plywood, with absolutely no waste and is assembled with no required fasteners (glue, nails or screws). The design comes from itself to be itself. For instance, the shelves if you will notice share the same grain as the face, by looking closely you will see that the shelves are actually the negatives of the openings in the face, simply rotated horizontally. A slight hint of this is noticeable at the rear of the bookcase where the shelf meets the column. If one looks closely you will see that there is a small square missing at the corner, that square will be found at each opening of the face locking the shelf into place.

Structure: As an architect structural many times takes precedent to all others. The SP2 exemplifies the aesthetic nature of designed structure. Not hidden but celebrated. The main support columns also act as bookends as do the stops relieve torsional forces. By triangulating the load the SP2 reveals unadulterated strength from any downward applied forced. The estimated load capacity, 2500 lbs, equivalent to a normal passenger sedan.