GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Single Panel 1, Chaise Lounge

by D. E. Sellers

The chaise lounge was designed to de a reading bench that can be used by multiple users or as a reclined seat for one. Using 5th axis datos the chaise allows complex angles to enhance aesthetics and strengthen it’s physical structure. Construction starts with the large side piece and the back rest. Sliding the backrest down onto the side. Next the 2 angled feet slide from the bottom and our connected on the top by a beam. The seat then slides into the back and side piece locking them together while resting on the angled feet and beam assembly. Finally the back foot slides into place locking the back seat and side pieces. All of this is achieved by exploiting the maximum amount of material from a 4'x8' panel without the use of fasteners and or glue.