GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Desk & Chair

by Martin Taylor

This compact desk and chair fulfills the design criteria for the 'Going with the Grain Challenge'. All components are manufactured from a single piece of plywood and ingeniously slot and peg together without the need for any additional hardware, fasteners or glue. The pegs can be lightly tapped into place for additional strength and rigity. The design results in furniture that is both original and utilitarian and can be broken down and reassembled as required.

As can be seen from the cut sheet illustration, this design results in very little wasted material which the designer felt was important when considering the brief and the challenge sponsors. The desk and chair are useful both together and individually which designer hopes will lead to a long life between purchase and disposal.

Both the desk and chair were designed for adult use while their compact dimensions allow them to be utilized in the smaller living and working spaces modern, urban dwellers find themselves in. The desk features a removable shelf that can be used as a LCD monitor stand as well as a space to store the peripherals associated with computers. The shelf can be removed or omitted from assembly if a larger, flat work top is required. The chair features a gently sloping seat and back to aid in comfortable use and can be used vanilla or with household throw pillows for extended work sessions. Although designed with utility in mind and considering the challenge parameters, the resulting furniture forms are understated yet pleasing to the eye. The designer's aim was to make furniture that would be easy to live with and every sense; utility, aesthetics, portability and impact on the planet.