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Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"


Presented by Felissimo

Challenge Rules and Regulations

How to Enter

Note the submission deadline. If you have more than one idea, you can also submit more than one entry - however, we advise you to keep variations of one idea to ONE entry. Do not create multiple entries for multiple variations of one concept. Entry is free!

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Technical Requirements:

  • Photos must be jpeg only, resolution 72 dpi, with maximum picture dimensions of 550 x 550 pixels and a file size no greater than 1 MB (uncompressed). You can upload up to six images.
  • Videos and sound must be in the mpeg4 format with picture dimensions no larger that 480 x 320 pixels and a file size no greater than 10MB (uncompressed). Please be patient while video files upload.
  • Your entry must include a project description in English with a maximum of 400 words. Remember to keep your description as concise and readable as possible.

Upload your images in the that order you wish them to be displayed. The first image in the series will be turned into a thumbnail image for display in the gallery. See the Gallery display of completed competitions for examples.

Create tags (keywords) for your entry so that it will appear in the search terms for those tag names.

If you created your entry with other individuals, list their names in the Co-Authors field.

Check your entry carefully prior to submitting as there is no way to retrieve your entry once it has been submitted.

Accept the Rules & Regulations contained in the Brief and the general Rules section and hit Send.


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