Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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don't bother our nature

by Bill Joe
Co-authors: Irwanda Pratama

image 1 : don't bother our nature
Red on "japan country" symbolize the power, enegry, and dynamic movement, so that G8 meeting which will held in Kobe,would be an encouragement for other nation to give more concern in environment and respect our nature.
Blue color on nature icon symbolize cool, peaceful toward Cool Earth Campaign in 2050. And we hope, products which is created by human would be more eco-friendly

image 2 : green from japan
Green color and leaf icon mean natural, pure and environment. 'Green from Japan' means G8 meeting which will held in Kobe would affect the world for 'going to green'.

image 3 : go 8!
Blue and green are the official G8 color. People amount to 8 and bring the leaf means supporting Cool Earth as objective in G8. 4 leaves in corner of cloth make furoshiki more attractive when it wrap something.