Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

Competition Details

For Earth in Kobe- Day & Night

by Jason Harwell


One of the most interesting things for me about designing for a furoshiki (or any square cloth) has been to try to create balance without using symmetry. I've hopefully designed an image that will produce many pleasing results when folded and can also stand alone as a whole scene without looking like a simple tiling pattern.

I think environmentalism is about much more than ecological preservation. To me it's also about supporting the progress of technology and industry by bringing them into harmony with nature, of which they are an important part.

Kobe has a unique, iconographic, and distinctly beautiful skyline which I've added to the more organic imagery, to depict the integration above as well as honor the host city according to the contest criteria.

I've tried to use lines, negative space, and balance, with some traditional Japanese influence, as well as more modern computer graphic techniques.

I've tried to blend several vantage points including a view of land and sea from high-altitude, with an iconographic depiction of the natural elements.

The red flowers with three petals represent the Three R's, which I believe to be very important.

The three R's are also repeated by the spiral shape of the plant fronds and clouds which make up the wind. This shape is an important element in key places throughout the design.

In addition to the three R's, it represents the life cycle, as well as the fundamental natural laws and mathematics found in nature.

You may also recognize it as echoing a mammal in the womb, and eyes of traditional Japanese dragons and dieties. Hopefully this additionally reminds the viewer of of earth as mother, Japanese traditional culture, and the connection between nature and Spirit, (especially represented by the wind).

The flower, as well as representing the three R's, is slightly personified, to convey an idea of nature as both loving us and giving, but also asking for our care.

I've done my best to combine cultural and physical aspects of its location, and related topics and themes into an image I hope is perfect for this event. Please enjoy.