Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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Green-Keffiyeh Furoshiki

by Tilman Porschütz

My design is a demand to stand up against the follow three. First the useless printing on farbics, for it imitates a pattern usually produced by the cloths structure itself and therefor is bad design; second a call for the global wear-out of political symbols, for it is perfect to polarize the masses opinion without further knowledge of the matter (in regard of gothic fashion trends, like Keffiyehs used as scarfs by super-models, AK47 toy accessories, and German army jackets); and last but not least a call to peacefully, but destinct protest the actual G8 conference in Kobe the month after. It is a call for “green thinking“ in radical matters. An alternative life could produce a world wide society living in peace and harmony with nature. My stand as designer is clear. I know my abilities to produce pretty things that advertise and blind peoples minds, but this is by no means pretty. It is pure concept and only a change of colour.