Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

Competition Details

White_eye_bird furoshiki

by Ana María Ramírez
Co-authors: Adriana Díaz

We start using the circle shape because is a simple, clearly and concise way of representing life cycle, union and communication between parts in a system.

We made a pattern with a flower, looking for a complex and changing composition, like an ecosystem that is the closer word to represent our idea.

We took two beautiful and ornamental symbols of Japan and the city of Kobe: The flower of the Camellia sasanqua tree, symbol of the city, and the Japanese White-eye bird, Zosterops japonicus, native to Japan, a small and charming bird with special and bright colours that lives in trees, shrubs, parks, forests, and rainforests.

The bird plays an indispensable role in the ecosystem, pollinate the flowers and help to conserve the life, it represents also the human roles in the planet and society: Everyone have to bring her or his help in order to preserve the environment.

Our furoshiki is used in the traditional way, folding it with the many possibilities that originally has, and tied with knots, and it’s also possible to use it in the both sides.

The words that we have added (3R) are not only because of the topic of the meeting but also to remember the important mission that everyone have with the planet: reduce, reuse and recycling. Using a furoshiki the people promotes ecology and transmits the message to others.

We expect to give a fresh and contemporary touch to the design and we chose bright and contrasting colors making an illustration full of life and details.