Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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Earth Air Water Life

by Karen Oh

The concept of these furoshiki samples is based on the environmental principals that earth, air, water bring about life. Climate change, energy conservation and sustainability all affect these three elements which in turn impact life. These elements are iconic, much like the recycling logo. The earth is the leaf, the air is the cloud, the water is the droplet and life is the bird. Without these elements, we don't have an environment or life.

Two of the patterns are done in a circular fashion for several reasons. One is show the strata that each element occupies and to show that elements progress from the ground (earth) up (sky). The second is to take advantage of the way the furoshiki is used. Traditionally, it is tied at the corners or rolled then tied. These patters will tranform conceptually as the furoshiki is physically transformed, from a circular pattern when the furoshiki is flat to a landscape when the furoshiki is in use.