Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

Competition Details


by Ignacio Davola

The circle in the middle of the composition references both the message of the G8 meeting and its location in Japan. Trying to avoid clich├ęs related to the environment care, the composition tries to aware the owner of one truly need, to spread the voice, to reach every corner of the planet with a message of consciousness.
To emphatize this transmission trough any media (person to person, using both common tools like the language and digital tools) in an increasing cycle.
Trying to resemble the well known japanese sense and simplicity, the logo was created taking local graphic design as inspiration. The spiral disposition of the logos produces an active object, avoiding a static repetition of a same patern (rotation over their own center).
This variability applied to a same unit is related to a same message, transmited, translated in several ways and languages.