Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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by Shihomi Takahashi


As there are four season in a year,Japanese loves scenery of the season, and admires the work of nature by knowing the cycle of the seasons.
The strong concern about the seasons and nature has been Japanese tradition and Japanese ancestor thought that the best of life was that of holding communion with nature.
The change of seasons, and the seasons' cycle reflect the conditions of environment, and therefore,the love and recognition on the seasons could cause the exquisite sense on change of nature and ecology.
I put four figures corresponding to the four seasons on four corners of Japanese traditional "Furosiki" to symbolize nature as well as ecology.
(figures;cherry blossom for spring,water current for summer, colored fallen leaves for fall, snow for winter)
When acertain season will come, you can change wrapping pattern with hurosiki to put the figure corresponded to coming season on the lapped package.
The furosiki is very useful as "Eco bag" for semi-permanent use, and the figures on the furosiki reminds you of not only the season, but also the importance of nature and ecology, when you use it.
The figures may appeal the importance of nature and ecology to you storonger than written slogan dose.