Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

Competition Details


by Jacob Elliott


For my Furoshiki I wanted to design a simple yet identifiable image that would provide meaning to the actual design. Moreover I wanted my design to speak for itself.

I chose colors that could be identified as more environmental and also pleasing to the eye. I feel that the green and the blue work well together and form a warm and cool sensation to the viewer. As for the pattern itself, I wanted to design a simplified three leaf like shape that also resembled a sort of insect when combined. Within the main leaf structure I chose to place three human like figures silhouetted.

My main focus for this idea was to promote the biodiversity aspect most of all, but to also provide a feeling of the three r’s and climate change. The leaf, the insect shape and the human shapes are to represent biodiversity. To show that all aspects of the environment are important and if you is destroyed then the rest will follow. The overall shape of the pattern and the green color I feel promotes the ideas you generally see with the three r’s and “green” ideals. The light blue color was to represent water and or the pack ice color of the northern and southern poles.