Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

Competition Details

The Natural Beauty

by yuccactus

I incorporated several Japanese traditional patterns to my design because I believe those patterns deserve more attention as well as Furoshiki. It is interesting that many of those patterns share their roots with ones from Europe because they traveled to Asia via China by changing their appearances little by little. I found those patterns precisely symbolize the spirit of G8 Summit and Environment Ministers Meeting, where different nations with different stakes gather and address global concerns. Therefore, they should be utilized much more in these days.

I divided the Furoshiki into four sections, and I chose unique Japanese traditional pattern for each section. First, a geometrical pattern in the upper right section, "Asa no ha," a pattern of hemp leaves represents strong and healthy growth of lives. Then, in the lower right section, I depicted the shape of ocean waves and a pattern of the ocean waves, "Seigaiha," filling its inside. It shows concerns about rapid changes in our environment in the viral nature. This pattern is usually combined with a pattern of flying plovers,"Chidori," symbolizing good fortune. In order to express that there is still a hope with a good fortune for our future, I arranged them flying upwards over two sections from the lower right to the upper left. In the lower left section, I designed Clematis flowers with Arabesque,"Karakusa," to express early summer days. Clematis flowers usually bloom in early summer when the G8 Environmental Ministers Meeting in Kobe is held.

Four different and interconnected sections let you play with various patterns depending upon how you use it. Folding it into 1/4 size enables you to enjoy each pattern independently, whereas tying each corner to wrap anything inside to enjoy all patterns at the same time.

My overall design represents concerns about the global environmental crisis that should be addressed at the G8 Environment Ministers Meeting in Kobe, and also holds strong hopes for the peaceful and healthy future of our planet.