Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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Enviro-Furoshiki - Return of the Eco-Bag

by Eman lasheen

The Idea of ' An Eco-Bag' itself is a fantastic physical realization of the concepts of re-use, and waste management. Furthermore, the design communicates this idea through symbolic images that trigger thought, arranged in a cyclic geometrical pattern to ensure constant readability and aesthetic appeal as well. Through studying the methods with which the cloth is tied I found that the print that carries the basic message has to be of a relatively small size such that it would be apparent at all cases. Also the focus was given to create a frame which would always be apparent at any sort of wrap. I used 3 colors - blue - green and orange derived from the hues of old Japanese furoshiki prints yet used in a bold poster like saturation of color to catch attention and suit different types of use. These colors are also referring to natural elements (sky - trees - water - fish - flowers...). Each of the natural resources of the environment is communicated through an image that resembles an icon and takes one of the chosen colors, to make it easy and comprehendible. The overall scheme is then rotated around and forms the central circle "0" which stands for the zero waste concepts. The polar repetition ensures that the message is always legible.