Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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"Peace Gift"

by Walter Zapata
Co-authors: José Luis Zapata Balmaceda

This series includes simple designs, highlighting essential elements such as the raising sun and the word “PEACE” in Japanese ideograms.

Other elements in this designed series, very relevant too, are the cherry tree flower and the green of bamboo woods. These elements, deeply rooted into the Nippon culture, clearly represent the wise labour of the nature, the spring and their lightness full of hopes.

Each proposed Furoshiki invites to be in peace, no just among human beings, but with the nature and our environments as well.

Every attendee to this important event should feel that, beyond the words and speeches, just a couple of gestures and the inner will to understand, to respect and to preserve the links between people and nature, is enough.