Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

Competition Details

The 3Rs

by Arlene Morgan

This logo was designed using the four elements: land, air, water and fire, Kobe city and the Hyõgo Prefecture. I chose to use fire as opposed to the sun because fire represents many natural resources of the earth. For example: natural heated springs, volcanic reactions etc, as well as the sun. The environment and how we treat it and its resources has a direct effect on these elements and there reactions.

I still wanted to enter this concept even though this logo was design before I reread the brief and found that I could not use the Kobe city logo. The Kobe city logo and the Hyõgo Prefecture map (Kobe city being the capital of the Hyõgo Prefecture) was used to create a 3R perception with the four elements, land, air, water and fire. I chose to use the tree without leaves because without the leaves the tree can be interpreted in different ways… decayed or alive, strong or weak, etc. With leaves it was obvious. This is a great logo because not only did it incorporate the environment and an indirect reference to the location of the G8 Meeting but also the awareness of the 3R. This image makes a bold statement without words and can be incorporated with text to convey even more. See sample layout of the Furoshiki. Also, these images can be printed on just about any color background.