Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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Future's Sprout - sprouts today, trees tomorrow

by Tsoi Man Hei Ken

This “Furoshiki” is designed as a reminder for protecting the environment. When a user folds the “Furioshiki” as a package or carrying bag, he/she will conscious that it is not only packing something, meanwhile, but also is saving our future through this process.

Packing = Planting
There is not something special on the cloth if it is not folded. Once the user folds it, then a sprout will grow (the user ties the cloth with a knot. The knot seems like a sprout). A knot seems like a sprout. This is a symbol of the new life. Once you use the “Future’s Sprout”, a sprout of the future starts to grow. This design is with a positive message, “A success doesn’t happen in a short time, we need to work hard for the future”.