Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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by Sam Ho


The G8 Environment Ministers Meeting is the congregation of world officials coming together to exchange opinions on the environmental issues facing our global society. The furoshiki design, features the bright Kobe Hydrangea flower in the middle, symbolizing the epicenter of this all important event. The Koi fish are symbols of worldly aspiration and advancement. The Koi’s ability to bravely climb waterfalls, are a reflection of the diligence required by humanity; to not only go against the currents of environmental destruction but also create solutions towards the sustainability of our global well-being. Because water loses its purity through stagnation like inaction steals the vigour from this global campaign, the symbol of surging seas represent the movement and fervour fueling our cause. Like a water droplet causing ripples from the centre, the impact of this Kobe hosted event will create waves around the world.