Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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the return of the green

by shany harary

I call the Furoshiki sheet I designed for the challenge "The return of green" – and through it I express my hope (and the hopes of billions of people, animals and plants) for the return of the green color to our lives, for the return of fresh air, clean water and a world that is more pleasant, safe and healthy to live and raise our children.
The platform for my project is the most basic cotton fabric. I dipped the fabric in a reactive dye, then dipped it in fluid dye (incorporating the Shibori technique) and silk-screened the images I designed.
The central image is related to recurrence, repetition and duplication and is a kind of weathervane. The edges of the sheet seem to want to spread all over it and cover the uncontrollable "pollution" caused by dipping the sheet in gray at the beginning of the process.
In my project I tried to express the practical and conceptual relations between the center of the Furoshiki and its edges: in the center of the sheet lies the "object" that we want to bundle, protect and carry, and the edges are necessary for tying up the bundle. These two areas of the sheet are completely codependent and one does not exist if the other is absent. We need to strive for such mutuality in our relation to the world around us: we must nurture and respect it, and minimize the damage that has already been done so that we will be worthy for all the good the world has to offer us.

Shany harary
Tel-aviv april 2008