Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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Life's Simple Pleasures

by Vina Domingo-Roy
Co-authors: None

To be able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures is getting more difficult because of the myriad of challenges facing us such as environment concerns. Fresh air, clean water, safe food, and other things we take for granted may be difficult to obtain in the future if we do not take care of the environment. My design uses a familiar symbol of the City of Kobe: its subway map which I playfully used as an element to make a graphical representation of a boy holding a dog. The boy is also symbolically holding the Kobe meeting’s environmental issues to be tackled. I want to convey that we have to take care of the environment for future generations so that they will still enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as playing with their dog in the park. A simple message that will have a huge impact in our lives and the lives of the next generations to come. I used the colors of nature for the design: blue (sea and sky), brown (earth), green (forest). The black and white give a good contrast to the colors.