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Create4theUN - United Nations European Ad Competition

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Kara Pecknold

Kara Pecknold

Vancouver, Canada

Designer + Researcher

Designing beyond the borders..

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  • Tell everyone about Handloom, about Kara!

    Kara Weaves, India

    Communication, Industrial Design

    We, at Kara Weaves, desperately need some "social-marketing" to reach more people about our work. As we are relatively small, we still are working on a good-sized budget for advertising.

    While we are eternally grateful to our loyal and supportive customers, I am hoping that the folks on D*21 will spread the word to let more people know about us!

    We've recently updated our website, with a sparkling new range of work, as well as a lot of stuff on sale! So please visit us, shop and support handmade!

    Thanks, Chitra

    for Kara Weaves

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    Posted September 02, 2009
    By Kara Weaves