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Daniel Pipitone

Daniel Pipitone

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  • 'Magnet Effect' Community Strengthening Program Website Designer

    Flying Kites Global, United States

    Poverty, Audio/Visual Design


    Flying Kites Global is a 501 (c) 3 registered nonprofit working to help the world's most vulnerable children. We are currently building a children's home in the Aberdare Mountains of Kenya, and preparing to begin work in India. Our approach demands that the care that we deliver must be nothing less than excellent. By insisting on the highest standards of care, our children have the chance to transform not only their own lives, but the lives of those around them. For more information on our model please visit our website:

    Flying Kites is launching a new community strengthening program - the Magnet Effect. It needs to have it its own web presence in order that the Magnet Effect team can effectively market it to potential partners, and report progress on the program implementation.

    The Magnet Effect Community Strengthening Program sees an alliance between local community leadership and specialised non-profit organisations. Together they will address key development issues within a rural community. It recognises the inherent interrelationship of development fields and defines a framework to facilitate a community-led, non-profit backed response. The Magnet Effect will enhance the benefits delivered by each non-profit's specific program area to create a virtuous circle, thereby affecting a genuine community transformation.

    The program will be piloted in Njabini, Kenya. The town of 10000 inhabitants lies ninety minutes from Nairobi. Agriculture provides 90% of income, but the sector , due mainly to limited access to capital. Education is recognised as important, but delivery is lacklustre. Health issues reflect wider Kenyan trends; the HIV rate is approximately 23%. However, with its proximity to Nairobi, good transport links, fertile soil and resilient inhabitants, the town has good fundamentals ready to be leveraged. The program aims to inject the capital, expertise, leadership and coordination to allow this process to begin.

    We want to ensure that this program is given its own identity, distinct from the core Flying Kites model. Flying Kites recognises the incredible importance of good marketing materials, with a clear, professional, creative website at the heart of those materials.

    We believe that the particular program concept (the MAGNET) should give great design cues and we want to give a creative designer free rein to interpret our design brief.

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    Posted August 12, 2009
    By Flying Kites Global