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Rocky Tilney

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  • Adobe CS4 Scripting for Energy Usage Scorecard

    Earth Advantage Institute, United States

    Environment, Communication Design


    The Project: Earth Advantage Institute is working on the development of a miles/gallon scoring system for home energy use. We have analyzed over 300 homes with tens of thousands more to go. Our internal marketing department has developed a scorecard that will effectively translate the information and numbers gathered for each home.

    The Need: Having created a visual language to display the customized information for each tested home, we now need to transform it into a functional, customizable document. We are looking for someone that is comfortable with writing Adobe CS4 Script or is fluent in CS4 and Java/Applescript. The project will likely include flooding data from our database (or a comma delimited text file) into a scripted Illustrator file that would deliver the data into text frames as well as interpreting it into graphs.

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    Posted April 22, 2009
    By Earth Advantage Institute