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Kara Pecknold

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  • **Flying Kites Media Webdesign**

    Flying Kites Global, United States



    An important part of the Flying Kites mission is the communication of the issues of vulnerable children to a wide audience. To this end, we formed the Flying Kites Media team in July 2007.

    This has successfully completed filming on feature length documentaries in Kenya and India, as well as recording the progress at our own children's home. In 2009, we will be going to the DR Congo, and in 2010 on an exploratory mission to Brazil.

    The time has come to give FK Media it's own distinct identity. This will allow us to better seek funding and support, as well as attract new talent for future productions. A key part of this will be the website.

    This will need to :

    **- Provide a visual example of the creative standards we aspire to, and that we expect from new members.

    • Be a portfolio of work completed to date

    • Provide a means to purchase FK Media productions**

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Posted March 18, 2009
    By Flying Kites Global