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UNESCO: Culture, HIV & AIDS Program

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Meena Kadri

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  • Website for myTURN University Fundraising Project

    Flying Kites Global, United States



    myTURN is Flying Kites' university outreach program. By systematically recruiting, training and mentoring Flying Kites university chapters, Flying Kites will:

    a) bring awareness of childcare issues to a wide and motivated audience.

    b) leverage the enthusiasm of committed students to raise funds on our behalf.

    See for an overview of the project

    myTURN needs its own identity, distinct from Flying Kites' core mission. Key to this is its own web presence. This website will need to:

    1) Clearly explain the mission of myTURN, and provide easy avenues for sign-up. 2) Provide strong visual cues to the unique nature of our organisation, its professionalism and desire to excel. 3) Provide an extendible template to allow chapters individualised securised webspace 4) Provide a forum for discussion of issues/ fundraising

    Please contact me for a more detailed discussion of the myTURN brief.

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    Posted March 18, 2009
    By Flying Kites Global