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  • Illustrators / designers for Steady State Vision Contest

    EcoLabs, United Kingdom

    Communication, Communication Design


    BRIEF: Steady State Vision: Illustrate, map or otherwise represent visually a steady state society as described here:

    The Steady State project is one project within a series of projects to be exhibited as a ‘Climate Road Show’. We aim to use graphics to help investigate issues lying at the root of our ecological crisis. The Steady State Vision project will illustrate a world where we have evolved to sustainability.

    Timeline: Sketch/concept by February 25th. Three winning entries will be selected to submit final drawing by March 30th.

    Prizes: £350 pound prize money.

    Deliverables: Artwork deliverable as an A2 sized PDF. If the graphic is not a vector file, it must at least 200 dpi at A2 size.

    Outcome: Illustration(s) will be printed A2 sized for the Road Show and also within a publication.

    Use of images: At the Climate Road Show 2009, a publication, publicity & the PDF magazine EcoMag.

    Target audience: Everyone. Sorry, the audience is vast. If we must narrow it down, we want youngish people (15-40), media savvy, clever (perhaps cynical).

    Objectives: Graphically exciting illustration of a future steady state society.

    For details see: http://

    Sample illustration by Leona Clark not necessarily representative of what we are looking for with this contest. We also welcome entries that are non-illustrative, i.e. information design.

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    Posted January 18, 2009
    By EcoLabs