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Craftmark-Handmade in India

Craftmark-Handmade in India

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Meena Kadri

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  • Students & Educators interested in Ecological Literacy in Design Education

    EcoLabs, United Kingdom



    EcoLabs is developing a teach-in as a catalyzing force within design education to embrace ecological literacy. We will use the internet to engage students, faculty and staff with environmental issues and especially with the issue of climate change. The teach-in will challenge institutions to use their resources, expertise and skills to respond to environmental imperatives and work towards embedding ecological literacy in design education by 2012.

    The event will be modeled after the highly effective US model of the '2010 Imperative' (first held in architectural universities in 2007) and 'Focus the Nation' (held January 31, 2008 at over 1,900 institutions across America). Like the American teach-ins, the event will ask universities to become examples of best environmental practice and integrate ecological literacy into the curriculum.

    The Teach-in website is now live. Please visit & sign up to join us.

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    Posted January 08, 2009
    By EcoLabs