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Meena Kadri

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  • Wishes

    Asian American Federation of New York, United States


    1- Graphic designers for either our: website, to create an annual report, or for our gala invites and gala journals.

    2- Branding/marketing specialists to join our Board of Directors or provide pro bono support.

    3- Celebrities to attend our events to help promote with public and with media (Our next event is the AAFNY Golf Fundraiser in September!)

    4- Hardware for office use, such as a digital camera or a video camcorder.

    5- In-kind donations for our black tie gala such as gifts to guests in attendance.

    6- Volunteers for events when necessary.

    For contact information, please contact Michelle Tong at or visit our website.

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    Posted June 07, 2007
    By Asian American Federation of New York