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Meena Kadri

Wellington, New Zealand

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  • Used Bicycles

    Recycle-A-Bicycle, United States



    If you'd like to donate your youth or adult bicycles, we ask that you meet the following criteria:

    • Bicycles must be free of major rust or structural damage, and
    • Recycle-A-Bicycle reserves the right to refuse donations upon inspection.

    We take walk-in donations at our two retail shops whenever they are open. If you have at least 10 adult bicycles available in one location, we will arrange a pickup anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Western Queens. Unfortunately, resources do not allow us to pick up bicycles from more remote locations or in smaller quantities.

    If your bicycle donation meets the criteria above, please contact us by phone (718-757-7745) and our Operations Manager will contact you to schedule a pick-up.

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    Posted October 14, 2008
    By Recycle-A-Bicycle