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  • Pro-bono professional services and project work needed

    Arts to Grow, United States

    Communication, Communication Design

    Seeking PR Professional to create Arts to Grow's work on a Visibility Campaign

    Arts to Grow is looking for a PR Proffessional with expertise to successfully carry out some or all of the following:

    • Coming up with original ideas and PR projects
    • Writing and pitching opinion pieces, letters to the editor and feature articles
    • Placing stories in print, radio, on the web and any other appropriate media
    • Researching editorial calendars for placement of our benefit news for next February
    • Writing an announcement release for our annual Heart to HeART benefit
    • Updating PR materials and semi-annual reporting of all PR activities

    Arts to Grow is a successful three year old arts education non-profit. As part of our five year strategic plan, we have very ambitious growth objectives that you, as a creative public relations professional, can help us achieve. You will conceptualize and implement our first ever visibility campaign! Although your work will be pro-bono, it will make a significant impact in the lives of inner-city kids.

    ARTS TO GROW - VISION By engaging in the artistic process, young people develop an enduring passion for learning and the arts: they welcome new experiences, tap into their imagination, demonstrate innovative thinking and become self motivated.

    NEED In the New York City metro area hundreds of thousands of kids go to schools with little or no access to learning through the arts.

    KEY MILESTONES Ø Since launching a pilot program in September 2005, Arts to Grow's portfolio of partners has grown from 3 to 11 public schools and community organizations. Ø Due to our success, over 50 public schools and community organizations have expressed a need for our programs and are currently on a waiting list. Ø In the last school year Arts to Grow served over 300 kids.


    • Arts to Grow was featured on a five minute segment of Comcast Cable Network's "Newsmakers" in December 2007.
    • Arts to Grow was a featured guest on Karen Salmansohn's radio show BE HAPPY DAMMIT on Sirius Radio Lime 2007.
    • NYWSE covered Arts to Grown in a blog post.

    ARTS TO GROW'S VISIBILITY CAMPAIGN Project Goals Achieve increased general visibility for Arts to Grow, and raise awareness of the organization's mission, achievements and plans in order to: Increase the number of individual donors Attract inquiries from potential corporate sponsors Generate a portfolio of news coverage that is attractive to potential corporate sponsors Increase Arts to Grow's credibility in order to increase foundation grants

    TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY : Please contact Mallory King at (201) 209-9886 or via e-mail at:

    Skills-based volunteers and providers of pro-bono goods and services are an integral component of Arts to Grow and allow us to cost effectively reach more kids. We look forward to talking with you about how your talents and expertise can leverage opportunities for inner-city kids to learn and grow through the arts.

    To learn more about our programs, please visit our website at:

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    Posted July 21, 2008
    By Arts to Grow