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Deepti Maithil

Deepti Maithil

mumbai, India

Designer (architecture)


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  • Reliable Web Designers

    Institute of International Social Development, India

    Arts & Culture


    The Institute of International Social Development is seeking reliable web designers who can expand their website with features and links IISD strives to build a better world and contribute towards the vision of ‘One Earth One Family’ with "Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations." It conducts various projects in the fields of Education, Health, Income Generation, HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention, and creation of Self-Help Groups among rural artisans for self-reliance. The projects, which directly and indirectly benefit over 50,000 people, along with observations and various other programs, are framed on the lines of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

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    Posted May 29, 2007
    By Institute of International Social Development