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UNESCO: Culture, HIV & AIDS Program

UNESCO: Culture, HIV & AIDS Program

Poverty, Well-being, Education

Working to support HIV and AIDS interventions and strategies

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Paul Thurston

Paul Thurston

London, United Kingdom

Head of Design at Thinkpublic

Design Thinking & Doing.

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  • Graphic Designers

    Cinereach, United States



    Cinereach needs graphic designers for several projects. Please respond if interested. Cinereach is a non-profit media organization that produces and supports socially aware film and documentary. Work done through Cinereach celebrates cultural difference from fresh, exciting and thought-provoking viewpoints. We don't shy away from difficult issues. We engage with them. We're not afraid to paint in shades of gray to underline the complex realities of our world today.

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    Posted May 25, 2007
    By Cinereach