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Craftmark-Handmade in India

Craftmark-Handmade in India

Poverty, Aid, Arts & Culture

Craftmark denotes authentic Indian handicrafts and helps artisans to access markets

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Dominic Muren

Dominic Muren

Seattle, United States

Designer (Product Design)

How do you teach industrial design in a post-industrial world?.

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  • 2 Positions: Web Designer and Project Leader to Publish and Design a Book

    Leave Out ViolencE (LOVE), United States



    Leave Out ViolencE (LOVE) was created to reduce and help eliminate violence in the lives of youth and their communities by initiating a movement of youth spokespeople who communicate a message of non-violence. By reaching out to one youth at a time, LOVE is reshaping the way a generation views society. LOVE gives youth the necessary tools to make not only their lives better, but their world a better place. LOVE teaches them to communicate through creative means primarily, writing and photojournalism. When LOVE kids are empowered with a voice they choose to use their voice and become leaders in the movement to spread the message of non-violence to their peers and eventually to educators, government and corporations. LOVE is a powerful reflection on the state of youth culture today and how our youth can change the world if they are given the chance. Learn more: To inquire about these positions, respond to this post.

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    Posted May 25, 2007
    By Leave Out ViolencE (LOVE)